Fly A Fighter Jet


Fly a Fighter Jet!

Long before Maverick and Ice Man took to the skies in the film TOP GUN, the world has been fascinated by what it’s like to be a fighter pilot.   Incredible Adventures, with our worldwide network of civilian operated military jets, offers the largest selection of options available to experience flying a jet fighter without enlisting!

Incredible Adventures is perhaps best known for introducing the world to MiG fighter jet flights over Russia back in 1993.  The company made history by making it possible for virtually anyone to travel to Russia for a supersonic ride in a legendary MiG-29.  For nearly 25 years, Incredible Adventures made it possible for people across the globe to break the sound barrier and climb to the edge of space in a top Russian fighter.  

MiG flights in Russia are no longer available but you can fly other great fighter jets with Incredible Adventures, including the popular L-29 and L-39. The single-engine Czech-made jet trainers were used to train Russian fighter pilots for air combat.  The L-29 and L-39 are known for their safety and durability and are now frequently spotted dazzling crowds at air shows.  We also offer flight training for pilots in the Italian-made Marchetti S-211. 

Our jet trainers are perfect platforms for pilot upset training, space flight training and movie or television projects.  The L-29 and L-39 can perform many of the same incredible high-g fighter pilot maneuvers that can be experienced in the MiG, for a fraction of the cost.

We have aircraft based in the United States, Canada,  Germany, Czech Republic, France and Australia, and a team of highly qualified retired Military Aviators, Civilian Test Pilots and related specialists ready to deliver your requirements with professionalism.   Call us at 1-800-644-7382 to make your fighter pilot dreams come true.

Licensed pilots can learn to fly the Italian Marchetti S-211 military jet trainer in Texas.