Need for Speed


The View from a MiG-29

Long before Maverick and Ice Man took to the skies in the film TOPGUN, the world has been fascinated by what its like to be a fighter pilot.   Incredible Adventures, with our worldwide network of civilian operated military jets, offers the largest selection of options available to experience flying a jet fighter without enlisting!

The company is best known for introducing the world to MiG fighter jet flights over Russia back in 1993.  Virtually anyone in reasonably good health can travel to Russia for a supersonic flight in a legendary MiG-29.  Incredible Adventures is also well known for its L-39 fighter jet programs.  The L-39 has long been the jet trainer Russia fighter pilots have used to prepare for flying MiGs.  The L-39 Albatross represents the safest most mass produced jet fighter – trainer in history.
From space flight training to movie or television projects headed for distribution to specialty advertising, promotion or marketing events, the L-39 delivers an amazing experience at an affordable price with decades of proven reliability.
With aircraft based in the United States, Russia, France and Australia, our team of highly qualified retired Military Aviators, Civilian Test Pilots and related specialists deliver your requirements with professionalism.