Marchetti S-211

Fly the Marchetti S211

Experience advanced flight training in a military jet – even solo it – or fly in formation. Climb into an Italian-made S-211.

FAA Approved Flight Training
Customizable and Affordable Jet Fighter Flights
Promos and Incentives for the Aviation Industry
Fly the entire mission – takeoff to landing – including formation

FAA Approved Flight Training
Customizable and Affordable Jet Fighter Flights
Promos and Incentives for the Aviation Industry
Fly the entire mission – takeoff to landing – including formation


High performance flight training provided by real fighter pilots. Not simulated.


Learn to fly a high-performance military jet and improve your skills:

  • Stick-and-rudder skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Safety mindset
  • Risk management skills
  • And more


The S-211 is a turbofan-powered military trainer aircraft designed and originally marketed by SIAI-Marchetti.The S-211 fighter jet features Italian craftsmanship and a Pratt & Whitney engine. The fleet consists of one jet that has been rebuilt with Garmin glass, and one that is in stock military configuration.

Flight training for pilots in the Marchetti S-211 fighter jet


Who are the flight instructors?

Training is provided by Victory Aviation’s team of veteran fighter pilot instructors. Lead pilot Chris is a former F/A-18 instructor in the Marine Corps. He has 2800 hours in the F-18 and is an FAA-certified Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor. Chris is qualified in single and multi–engine piston aircraft, single-engine seaplanes, taildraggers and sailplanes.

Why train with Incredible Adventures and Victory Aviation?

Training blends proven military training tactics with General Aviation and FAA best operating practices. 

Where does Marchetti fighter jet flight training take place?

We generally fly out of Denton, TX (near DFW International). Other locations are possible so call for details: 800-644-7382.

What types of flight training do you offer?

Training can be tailored to any pilot’s personal goals and can include: jet familiarization, unusual attitudes, jet formation, initial checkout sorties, or full checkout and FAA S-211 type rating.

What is the cost to fly the S-211 fighter jet?

Pricing varies according to flight time purchased and flight location but typically starts at $3250. Discounts are available for multiple flights and group training.

When can I fly a fighter jet?

Flight training is available all year long, but our aircraft do periodically leave Texas for air shows and special events, offering training “on the road”. Email or call Incredible Adventures at 800-644-7382 for the latest availability and location options.

What US aircraft does it look like?

People often confuse the S-211 with the US Navy’s T-45 Goshawk.

Who can fly and train in a fighter jet?

You must hold a valid FAA pilot license or pre-approved equivalent.

When are flights available?

Fighter jet flight training is available year round. Call for available dates and location.

What are the physical requirements?

You must have a current pilot’s license and fall within aircraft height and weight restrictions.

Can I bring a guest to watch me fly the Marchetti S-211 jet fighter?

Yes of course!. In addition, if your guest wants to fly too, you can purchase formation flight training.

Will I get video of my fighter jet flight?

Arrangements can be made.

Incredible Adventures offers flight training in the Marchetti S-211 fighter jet in partnership with Victory Aviation, an FAA-approved flight training organization, issued special permission by the FAA to offer S-211 flight training. The FAA tightly restricts the commercial use of former military aircraft like the Marchetti S-211 in civilian operations. The aircraft cannot be used to carry persons or property for compensation unless special permission is granted. Our friends at Victory operate according to the conditions of an FAA Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA).