L-29 Flights Canada


Fly the L-29 Delfin Fighter Jet

Who can fly? Pilots and non-pilots who meet basic health and physical requirements, sign a release of liability and pass a pre-flight safety test. We strongly recommend you check with your doctor before flying. Where can I fly? Our flight programs are based in Ottawa, Ontario. Flights can be arranged in Toronto and Montreal for an additional cost.

Are there height and weight restrictions? Yes. In general, you can’t be taller than 6’3”, or heavier than 250 lbs. You must also fit comfortably into the L-29 cockpit. Fly a Fighter Jet Canada -FAQ

What should I wear for my flight? We recommend comfortable clothes, appropriate for the weather. Most of our clients wear jeans or casual pants and a t-shirt. For safety reasons, you must wear sturdy, flat-soled shoes or boots, which will stay securely on your feet. (Athletic shoes are fine, but black boots look more “Top Gun” in photos.) If you show up in sandals or high heels, you will not be permitted to fly. If you have any questions about what is appropriate, please call us at 1-800-644-7382 or 1-941-346-2603.

Are gift certificates available? Yes! Purchase online or by calling 1-800-644-7382 or 1-941-346-2603.

The Aero Vodochody L-29 Delfin

A Soviet Cold War Fighter Pilot Training Aircraft & Combat Tested Ground Attack Aircraft

Fly the incredible Czech-made jet trainer that “gave birth” to the popular L-39 Albatros. L-29 was the Eastern Bloc’s primary jet trainer in the 1960’s and saw duty as a combat fighter elsewhere. The L-29 was involved in active combat in the Nigerian Civil War in the late 1960s and was used by the Egyptian Air Force to attack Israeli tanks in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Today, the strong and agile L-29 is a favorite of private pilots, air show performers and air racers

L-29 Delfin flights are provided by ACM Warbirds, a not for profit organization authorized to provide flights and training under Canada’s WarbirdExemption.

Choose Your Dream Flight

Ottawa Pricing. Flights can be arranged in Montreal and Toronto for an additional cost.

Introduction to Air Combat
$2195 US. Add raw video for $150 US
Flight time: approximately 30 minutes

The True Fighter Pilot Experience
$3695 US-includes raw video
Half-day experience includes one-hour ground school plus use of helmet & g-suit.
Flight time: approximately 40 minutes

The Ultimate L-29 Flying Adventure
$4495 US. Includes raw video
The True Fighter Pilot Experience with maximum flight time.
Flight time: approximately 60 minutes

Fly With a Wingman
$3695 US. Includes raw video
Experience formation flying with a friend, or a wingman we provide.
Flight time: approximately 20 minutes

Call 1-800-644-7382 or 1-941-346-2603

Prices include pre-flight briefing, pilot services, flight time, raw video unless indicated, and Ontario’s 13% tax. Flight time is approximate and measured from engine start to engine shut down. Note: Prices are subject to change based on USD/CAD exchange rate changes and fuel pricing.

Choose Your Mission:  Two Jets, Two People

Engage in Air Combat or Fly with a Wingman! Our two-jet packages allow you to share the thrill of flying in a real jet fighter with a friend or family member. Pricing is cost for two.

Ottawa Pricing. Flights can be arranged in Montreal and Toronto for an additional cost.

Just the Basics: $3695 US
Two people, two planes, one flight each –flight time approximately 20 minutes. Includes raw video

Soviet Fighter Pilot School $9975 US
Two planes, two people, two flights each. This all-day adventure combines the True Fighter Pilot Experience and formation flying in an incredible way!
Includes video.